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Tatura Museum houses a unique collection of items from the seven WW2 Prisoner of War and Internment Camps in the Tatura and Rushworth areas. We also have information on the history of Irrigation in the Goulburn Valley as well as local industries and family histories of Tatura and district.

Prisoner of war & Internment Camps

This collection is extensive and unique to Victoria having been listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. The collection comprises artefacts and memorabilia all donated by former Internees, POW’s, their families and members of the public. Some notable items included in the collection are 54 works of art by Leonhard Adam; sketches by Georg Rosenkranz, numerous hand-crafted wooden items and clothing made and worn whilst interned. There are children’s toys made for Christmas and birthdays, metal objects (including the handmade lathe), musical instruments, theatre programmes, a collection of amazing puppets and numerous books/documents written during and after internment.

Local & family history

A collection of information on many local identities, both past and present; local businesses, including major industries, rates books from the Shire of Rodney, early State Rivers and Water Supply Commission records and local newspapers dating back to 1895.

Irrigation History

A collection of books, records, maps, photographs and history of irrigation in the Goulburn Valley. This includes unique photographs of the construction of the Goulburn Weir, Waranga Basin and the channel system.

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