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The Tatura group of 7 internment camps were established in this area because of the distance from a sea port and availability of adequate food and water. Holding between 4 and 8,000 people at any one time, these camps were located at Tatura (camps 1 and 2), Rushworth (camps 3 and 4), Dhurringile Mansion, Murchison (camp 13) and Graytown.

Camps 1 and 2 were for single males, mostly German and Italian.

Camp 3 was for mostly German family groups.

Camp 4 was for Japanese family groups.

Dhurringile Mansion was for POW officers and their batmen.

Camp 13 was for Italian and German prisoners of war, and some Japanese were transferred there after the Cowra Breakout. This camp is the site of the HSK Kormoran Memorial.


Graytown Camp was used for Italian, German and Finnish POW’s who were occupied with woodcutting to supply the camps and hospitals

A garrison of guards and other support staff, including nurses were stationed outside the compounds. Field Hospital 28 was constructed at Camp 1 where over 100 Japanese babies were born.

None of the camps are accessible as they are on private property and Dhurringile Mansion is now a part of HM Prison Dhurringile.

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